Foxy Orange & Wine Campout

“Anything that gets your blood rushing is probably a good thing” –

Hunter S. Thompson



We aren’t your typical hard-core adventure motorcyclists. But we’re a bunch of rad chicks who share the same passion – motorbikes. It’s not about wheelies, corner-blitzing and blinding speed. It’s all about pleasant rides and the reason we started riding in the first place: pure, innocent fun.

Instead of the usual getting ready for work on Friday morning, we’re busy checking tyre pressures, topping up our fuel and strapping our camping gear onto the back of our pride and glory. Setting off early that Friday morning from Harry’s Tempe to Orange for an epic weekend getaway of wine & camping.

1618620_10153400761601603_3239047026909734499_nCherry Bomb – Nixe Vixe

12004860_10153400761721603_2945362913427214790_nThunderbird – Kara

10351831_10153400761751603_9204934121628474757_nThunderbird – Kara

1919613_10153400761836603_647455554080030490_nThunderbird – Kara

The elements looked promising, but that didn’t last very long. The weather changed to wet & windy as soon as we reached Windsor. But it didn’t dampen our spirits, and we continued riding to Lithgow.

1506413_10153400760761603_5912610117005237648_nWindsor rest break

We rode for 163km, and so far only one bike – Frankie the Motherfu#ker (1975 Honda CB200) – broke down. The steep climbs on Bells Line of Road had really taken its toll on him. Thank goodness for the legendary Kim and her support vehicle, Frankie was able to continue his adventure, resting on the back of the ute.

10462812_10153400762931603_7513177004766994927_nThe Foxy Fuelers Support Vehicle – courtesy of Kim at Bannerama

As the wind and rain started to pick up, the weather turned for the worse, we decided to stop for some shelter and lunch at Court House Hotel Lithgow. The food was absolutely delicious, and everyone was all smiles. With food in our bellies, and the flash storm abating, we were ready to hit the remaining 117km of our trip.




1098292_10153400760971603_4861648258195629417_nThe Foxy Fuelers Support Vehicle – Katja


12119078_10153400761101603_2359968574534960566_nSnotrocket – Bex Fox

12439030_10153400761126603_693159951407040175_nThumper – Eve

12718060_10153400761201603_901907030887509438_nJoe The Bastard – Bri’s ridden by Hannah


994725_10153400761381603_5341916842916477095_nThe almighty purple machine – Bannerama

Not long after, another one bites the dust. Joe the Bastard decided to stop running and up he went onto the back of the ute.

10583801_10153400761441603_4499688981625248756_nThese two bikes really lived up to their names.

After a long ass ride, we’re finally here! The skies were blue, and the colours of the day were so vibrant. Everything looks absolutely gorgeous.


The night seems a lot more magical. It wasn’t a clear night but the stars sure were bright. This is the perfect spot to do some serious stargazing. The sky comes to life at night!






The next morning, we were woken up by the Kookaburra’s famous chorus of laughter. It is one of those unmistakable sounds of the Australian bush that will definitely give your ears a workout in the morning.


We rode off to a gorgeous lake side cafe at the base of Mount Canobolas, called The Lakehouse, for some breakfast and coffees. And a sneaky stretch – Foxy Fuelers style.


Follow breakfast with a local ride up and around Mount Canobolas, a 40 minutes ride we did before jumping onto the party bus and go for a tour of the wineries in the region.


1474372_10153400762661603_645394490929019844_nOff to Mount Canobolas for a quick spin.


Our first winery was Borrodell Vineyard – an 84 acre vineyard, cherry, apple orchard and trufferie. Nestled on a glorious site overlooking lush countryside. The view was stunning, the wines were tasty, the cider and the cherry port were just as gorgeous. Delicious!!







Second stop was the Philip Shaw winery for lunch and more wine tasting.





And the last winery – the most gorgeous of them all, was Heifer Station winery. The cellar door is housed in some sort of old shed, its decor is a mix of corrugated iron, exposed wood and modern furnishings which comes together really well. There was also a petting zoo to keep you well entertained at this beautiful cellar door.












10365881_10153400772236603_5080755664108113643_nThis gorgeous bunch!

After a long day of tasting, we returned to our campsite for dinner and a bonfire at the house. It’s true what they say that “everything is bigger in the country!”. We gathered around the enormous couldron fire pit, with drinks in hand and stories to tell. It was a great night.


It was a amazing trip, and a great experience to share with such lovely people. The bar has been set quite high for our next adventure. Wanderlust is undoubtedly present the next morning.

♠ ♥ ♣ ♦

“This famous linguist once said that of all the phrases in the English language, of all the endless combinations of words in all of history, that ‘cellar door’ is the most beautiful” –

Karen Pommeroy, from Donnie Darko


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